Crystal Cherie is an author, educator, and caregiver from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been published in Liberty State Fiction Writer’s News and the T.E. Avery Mystery Daily. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and studied Creative Writing at the University of West Georgia and Georgia State University. When she isn't elbow-deep in literary abandon, she is online copywriting for schools.


Who's Crystal?

Thanks for wanting to know more!

Hi, folks! Here are some random things about me. You can check out my Instagram feed here, too. Let's be friends!

Favorite Color: Mint

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

Pets? I have three doggos and 2 cats. I have a poodle named Casey; a maltese named Mitzy; a Jack-Chi named Mac; an orange kitty named Kiki (who doesn't love me much); and a Flame-Point Siamese named Harley (who does love me some). I have three goldfish named Scampi, Halo, and Honey.

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea (It has to be sweet tea.)

Favorite Fish: The Bowmouth Guitarfish (Yes, it's real. I have a picture of it on my Instagram. It's the best fish ever. Fight me.)

What games do you play? All of them, but I'm trying to stick to one. So, World of Warcraft. For the Alliance! Sometimes, I still play Fiesta Online, TERA, and Aion.

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Discord: Crystal#0676

Blizzard Battle Tag: Crystal#13191