•When it rains, their blood pours.•

Yancy is new to Atlanta. Used to cold winters and blue mountains, she finds herself working nights in the sweltering heat and muggy store front of T. H. Welling’s Private Investigations—next to the one and only T. H. Wellings himself, of course.

Theo Herring (T.H.) is not new to Atlanta. He’s been there his entire life, and he doesn’t like Yancy. He’s tired, worn out, and all but fed up with the new girl. He doesn't need Yancy showing him up in his own business.

He will need her, though—especially when the police come calling to their little store front needing Yancy's help to stop a new serial murderer...who only kills when it rains.

Uncatchable, untraceable, and untouchable—this killer may not even be human, but they’ll have to try. Theo is next.



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