You Really Only Want ONE Thing

That's right. I bet you didn't even realize it. Readers and Writers only want one thing: to be swept away. What? You didn't think you had so much in common with each other? You do!

It's been said time and time again, good writers are good readers. It's true, too. We all want to share a good story. We all want to be tossed between the covers of a really, really good book. It's what motivates writers to sit down at the keyboard to begin with. It's why readers click through hundreds of book covers or stand in Barnes and Noble for two hours. We want to live a little; you know, through someone else's life.

Well, so we want a great story, but how do we get them? We work together. So, authors, make sure you're showing your readers the love they deserve. Yes, let them have that free sample of your writing. Make your words count. Readers, show your love, too. If you find that sweeping gem of a story, share it. Let your friends know.

When it's said and done, we all just want to read something good (even writers).

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