5 Awesome Gifts for Your Book Lover

So, you've got someone on your Christmas list that loves books? (Hey, it might even be yourself, and that's cool, too. There's no judgement here.)

I do, too. My fella loves books. He can't write to save his life, but he loves to read, and that's totally cool with me. I get him a book every year. Every. Year.

I already know that I'm going to be getting him books. I could just get him a Books-a-million gift card and be done with it, right?

C'mon, that's no fun! Here are some ideas I've come up with to help spruce up your gift-giving.

1. Throws

Yep. Grab them a darn blanket. There's nothing better than sitting down on your bed, sofa, or floor, and reading a good book. Except doing all of the above with a plush throw.

2. Book Lights (or a Kindle)

Some people still prefer to read via torch light on their back decks with paperback books in hand. I'm one of these people. You can get me a book light for Christmas, and I will use it. Others are immersed in their Kindles until the break of day. I am also one of these types of people. You can get me a paper-light Kindle, and I will use it, too. (I actually still read both ways). Whichever is the case for your book lover, help them read at night in the dark. Please. We all need to be able to see our stories when the sun isn't out.

3. A Book Box

This is where the teacher in me comes out to play. I love getting creative. If teaching has taught me anything, it's that Pinterest is the Holy Grail of all things crafty. Grab a shoebox and fill it with some books, candy (please leave it wrapped up, us book-lovers sure do hate sticky pages), and book marks to create something original that they'll love opening. Hey, you might even toss in that gift card, too. A pair of squishy, winter socks would also be phenomenal.

4. Tote Bags & Covers

If your book lover still hasn't plunged down the Kindle-hole, then they'll appreciate a bag to carry their books in. Please don't get your man a purse, but if it's your mom, go for it. (I mean, unless your man is into that sort of thing, then by all means go for it).

If your book lover has been sucked into their Kindle, then they could sure use a spiffy leather case to go with it. I hear they even have the kind with a built in magnet that shuts the thing on and off when you open it. (I may or may not already have one of these fascinating devices).

5. Yes, Book Marks are STILL in Style

You know how I mentioned book marks earlier? Well, I'm going to mention it here again. I have a reason for it. Ready to hear it? Great. You can make a book mark. Book marks hold the spot in a story where someone has left a chunk of their life. It's the first thing they pull out when they go to read, and how awesome would it be if they thought of you every time they read their favorite stories? It's cheap and meaningful at the same time.

So, what about you, Wordlings? Got any book-loving gift ideas I didn't list? Share them!

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