Do you do things better solo or with friends?

I've been a hermit crab most of my life. If I did things with friends it was only a handful of them and only for a short time. Even in college, I would go straight back to my dorm after class. I liked people, but I liked being alone. This is mostly because I liked to lounge around in pajamas and stuff my face with doritos, but you get it.

For the most part, I do things better when I'm alone, but I still find myself looking for friends when it comes to writing. How can anyone write with someone else? Well, it's kind of easy because it's the best of both worlds. I write home alone but converse with other writers online. I write better when I'm being held accountable for my writing, and that's true for most folks.

I get the majority of my writing done each year through two free programs. If you write any, you've probably heard of them. Twice a year, people get together online and just write for a month (November and April). They call these programs NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Camp NaNoWriMo (the summer version). These programs beckon to any writer across the globe and ask them to write 50,000 words. Now, I usually end up writing 80,000 or so with my novels, but these programs really help me crank out the words and get a first draft on the table.

I LOVE to play games and sometimes I forget to write (oh, woe is me)! Participating in these shindigs with friends helps me stay on track. If you like to write, you should give it a shot, too! If you already party-hearty with word-friends, hit me up (ScriptedSilence)! It's cool to solo a lot of things, but never forget the power of a team!

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