Books and Songs are the Same

While I don't write kids' books, I've taught a lot of kids in my day. I'll often ask them the question, "do you like to read?" Some kids will say yes, but others will say "not really". That's true for many of us. Some of us like to read (you're probably one if you're here). Some of us aren't that into books, and that's okay. The next question I'll ask these kids is, "do you like music?" Before I know it, three minutes has passed, and I've been introduced to a list of songs and artists I've never heard of before. There's a reason for this: books and songs don't just tell stories. They reach our souls.

People don't really read books for the words. Most people don't really listen to songs for the meter. When you read a book, you read a story that speaks to you. You connect with the characters and places. You can feel for them. In essence, you can feel the story. When you listen to a song you really like, you feel it, too. We pick our own stories and songs. We don't all like the same thing, but we can all feel the same things. They're very powerful things and have the ability to unite us. A stranger could walk up to me on the street wearing Gryffindor colors, and we're immediately friends. Same thing goes for music. Oh, you like Linkin Park, too? Awesome. Come here, you great, big, wonderful you!

I can't really say why people want to feel the things stories and songs make us feel, but I can say that books and songs aren't all that different. They're mediums through which we live our lives and can last for all of eternity. What are the words you read and songs you hear telling you? What are you saying through them? #showerthoughts

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