Polished Things

So, it's come to my attention that life is the exact opposite of "polished". If you haven't been hiding under a rock and hanging out with the ants, then you've probably picked up on the whole "life isn't perfect" thing, too.

I'm especially aware that life isn't so pretty and polished right now. Why? Well, in the past few days, I've watched my mouth be sewed up with stitches, had my bank perform some not-so-legal activities, and projectile vomited in the hallway. Life. Isn't. Polished.

Yeah, so what, Crystal? We know life isn't perfect. Uhm, duh? Thank you Captain Obvious? No, no, I have a point; I promise. So, let me get to that.

Humans live in chaos. We live in a hectic, swirling, messy ball every single day. Huge corporations make billions of dollars just off of the fact that we need trash bags and underwear. We're so used to it, that we think drama is normal. Pretty soon, you're watching the news as you stuff your face, and the only time you turn your head is when someone gets shot. (Actually, we may be used to shootings by now, too). It's almost to the point that we feel safer when things are more chaotic. Well, maybe "safer" isn't the right word. Maybe the word is "alive". Yeah, that's it. We feel more alive when things are risky.

That's because we were born to take risks (but more on that later). That's why we eat up gossip and scary news. It's why we read books, too. We want to pretend. We want to think about what we would do if WE were in that situation. No, you would NOT survive the zombie apocalypse.

I "role-switch" everyday. I hear a story and, before I even think about it, immediately have the scene playing in my head of how it would have went down had it been me. You do it sometimes, too; don't you dare try to deny it. You're human. It's okay.

Of course that's not saying we necessarily want bad things to happen, but everyone dreams of the chance at becoming a hero. It's true. Don't worry, folks, I'll give you the chance to pretend like you're the hero in my books, but let me give you an even better ticket. Try becoming a hero on your own.

Yeah, you read that cheesy hunk of text right. No, do NOT jump off of that building to see if you can fly; that's not what I mean. (I am not anticipating law suits from this). You don't have to fly to find adventure. You don't have to wear a cape to be a hero. Stay on the phone with that person who says their life doesn't mean anything any more. Give that man the $5 he needs for fries at McDonalds. Don't flip off that horrible driver; you don't know what they've went through today. You see, if you're doing your "hero" job right, you'll avoid a whole bunch of disaster, but you'll never know it because life is never polished. Trust me, though, it still makes a difference.

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