When You Want to Start Over...

Believe it or not, there are times when writers want to start over. It usually doesn't happen on Chapter 3, either. Oh, no. 60,000 words later, you realize that your writing has fallen flat, and nothing you do seems to pump it back up. I'm going to tell you how to fix that through 5 easy suggestions. How do I know they work? I've been there.

1. Re-read what you already have. Going back and reading can help you figure out where you, as a writer, lose interest. If you've lost interest, your readers already have.

2. Take a break. It's not the best thing if you're on a schedule, but taking a break can give you new ideas and ways to continue when you're just "not feeling it".

3. Dream up a new character. I don't like to over-populate my stories, but it can really help your story to dream up a new character that you love when you're stuck.

4. Do a plot check. Have you over-whelmed your plot? You may be writing a novel, but the plot should still have a main line to it. By all means, throw in all the conflict you want, but make sure the ends tie up when you're finished.

5. Keep a "Blank Scene". A Blank Scene is something I created when I first began writing, and it really helps. So, let me tell you a little about that. I always create an empty document within my stories labeled "Blank Scene". Whenever I get so bogged down and stuck that I can't continue, I write whatever the heck I want into that Blank Scene. This not only helps get your creative juices flowing again, but I've found that every time I use my Blank Scene, the kinks in my novel work themselves out. Give it a try.

No body likes that mid-novel trudge. It's hard even when your story is great! Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you out if you find yourself wanting to throw your writing in the trash.

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