Breakfast for Dinner?

What's happening, blog? It's been awhile. You know that thing called "consistency"? I really suck at it sometimes. I can't help it. I think it's part of being a "creative" type. I like structure, but it has to be mixed up some! God, help me stick to a schedule.

I'm here today to talk with the budding new authors. Yes, you. We're all readers here, but this one is for you, oh dedicated writer. I want to talk about structure. When you read a story, how do you read it? If you're like my fella, then you skip to the back of the book and check out the last page before deciding to make a purchase. Most people aren't like him, though. You read the beginning, the middle, and then the end (in that order). However, you shouldn't be writing in that order. What?! Hear me out.

How many stories have you started? How many have you finished? Odds are, the number started is probably greater than the number finished. Did you get halfway through your writing only to realize you were in a corner, the characters were falling short, and you had no dang clue how to end things? Yeah, I think we all have. Writing in a different order will fix that mid-novel slump you hate so much. Guaranteed.

You're going to want to start with your inciting incident (that's the thing that makes the story start and go boom). Now, I'm a "pantser" as much as the rest of y'all, but sometimes inspiration and craft collide. This is one of those moments. Go into your story knowing what's going to set it all off. Want to make things even better? Make your main character have things go wrong. Let them screw up big time. PLEASE. Fate is honorary but turns to a contrived-muck when it comes to novels. Then, come up with your ending. After those two things are done, you're free to make the middle as messy as you want it. Your readers will thank you. I promise.

It's like eating breakfast for dinner, and everyone loves that. I also have it (from an extremely reliable source) that there are even people who eat pizza and mountain dew for breakfast. Mix it up. It'll be okay.

That's it for today, folks. I hope you have a fantastic Independence Day Weekend. Please be safe. Don't go shooting your fireworks in the morning, though. That would stink.

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