Tennis Shoes, Flip Flops, Politics, and Throw Up

I wear two pairs of shoes every day (sometimes three). I have a pair of flip flops for walking in the house. I have tennis shoes for going out. I have heels for teaching at school. Don't worry; they're the wedge kind. I'm not that crazy.

I put on my different shoes and do my different walks. In each pair, I see different things. I have to say I like them all equally. My flip flops are freaking fantastic because they mean that I'm at home writing, playing video games, or watching Family Guy. My tennis shoes usually mean that I'm out of the house with someone I love. My heels mean I'm teaching little ones.

Last night, I had on my flip flops. I was trying to write but was getting distracted by social media. That happens sometimes. The television was on the news. Facebook was popping with videos of this and that about the upcoming election. None of the videos or broadcasts hit me very hard. I'm good at ignoring politics. What I did see, though, made me kind of sad. Comments from every day folks. Some were uplifting but most were degrading. A lot of them had to deal with race relations. That's something I've always been a little naive about. I know my parents' generation had things differently, but when I was young, I saw people as people. I never saw color (not even my own). I think we should get back to that. I would whole-heartedly give up any privilege my skin color granted me if it meant not being labeled a jerk, because I love people so much. It just seems like we're spinning so fast on this tiny planet but are becoming so slow at learning kindnesses we should have already known. I digress.

As if through a sign of divine fate, I threw up later that night. Twice. I swear I'm not eating collard greens for a very, very long time. I put back on my tennis shoes and will be going to get soup in a minute. God, help me keep that down. Some things are just hard to digest.

I guess I can get some water. That'll help me keep things down in my stomach. Just like writing helps me keep things down in my head. When I step into the classroom again tomorrow, I'm going to make sure my kiddos know how to take care of themselves in a world that's throwing up stuff left and right. I want them to be able to write and escape. I want them to be able to write and help others. After all, our voices all come out the same in text.

Here's to wishing all of you well and loved. Love one another. Show mercy. Be forgiving. We're all human. Whatever you do, don't puke up collard greens at 3 a.m. That crap's no fun.

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