Writing When You're Sick

You're Sick. Now what?

So, every year, NaNo rolls around in November. If you're like me, November isn't a good month for your health. I always find myself struggling with being sick this time of year. I've been in the hospital several times with my breathing conditions and have had THREE different infections already! I stay sick year round with my immune system, but this time of year is just so much worse. That being said, I've got A LOT of experience when it comes to writing while being under the weather, and I want to share it with YOU. So, without further ado, here's my handy-dandy guide to surviving NaNo (or any writing project) while being sick! I hope it helps someone out there. DISCLAIMER: You might need a hefty dose of passion for writing and telling stories!

1. Take care of YOU! | You know when you just don't feel like moving. Don't force yourself to write when you feel that way. You'll get behind, sure, but it's okay. You're going to catch back up. Rest. Go to the doctor when you have to. Chill out in the hospital if you're like me. There will be time to write.

2. Music + Day Dreaming | I often listen to music when I can't sit down to my computer to write. The truth is that writing can be done just about any place at any time. While listening, I imagine scenes and invent characters. This helps me crank out a ton of words when I DO finally feel well enough to sit down to write.

3. Word Sprints | When you're able to sit back down at the computer, grab yourself some tea and sprint! Join in the word wars on the forums or on Twitter. This will help you catch back up on your word count. Remember how I said you'll get behind? This is where you'll get back on target! By resting up when you need to and dreaming up new content, you'll be able to write a few thousand words each session. Not to mention, when you communicate with other writers, you're more likely to hold yourself accountable for it. I give myself hard deadlines simply by announcing them to my readers!

Writing can be loads of fun even when you don't feel well. I've stayed sick my whole life and writing makes me feel stronger than I really am. It's one of the reasons I write to begin with. If you're sick too, you can still do this NaNo thing; it just takes a different mindset! I'm here for you, guys! Buddy me. We've got this. <3

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