Writing a Novel: Deleted

So, I just released my debut novel, "Deleted". I did it, folks. I put pen to paper (fingers to keys) and wrote a book. "Deleted" is a story about every supernatural or legendary thing I've ever found interest in: Ghosts, Vampires, Dragons, Merfolks, and visions. You name it.

I started writing when I was a kid. As it turns out, when you have a rather rough childhood, writing can become a fantastic outlet. It was my way to escape, and I've escaped into some pretty awesome places. I wrote "Deleted" so that I'd have my story with me. I first started posting it on JukePop Serials under the title "The Manufactured". It was a way for me to keep my chapters together and online (in case I lost them). What I didn't expect was the outpouring of support from readers. "Deleted" became a featured Editor's Choice on Tablo Publishing. Man, people actually liked my little book! Take that, inner critic. So, while I'll always write for myself, I'll let y'all in on it, too. I hope someone out there enjoys it like I do. That makes it worth it.

All of that being said, here's what I've learned from writing and publishing my first novel:

*Writing is the EASY part. Enjoy it.

*Editing sucks. Love your editors. They are severely under-appreciated folks. If you ARE your editor, start from the back of your work and go forward line-by-line. It's much easier to catch mechanical and tense errors that way.

*Formatting is a job in and of itself. It almost takes just as long as the actual proof-reading! Keep separate files for your print and eBook versions. They are NOT done the same way. Remove "tabs" from your eBook version. Create an automatic, working Table of Contents for your eBook.

*This goes as a given, but keep multiple copies of your interior file. I kept multiple copies of my actual writing in Liquid Story Binder but not my editing work in Word! When my word processor glitched, and I looked down to see only 105 pages instead of the 354 I knew I was supposed to have, I panicked. "Deleted" was almost deleted. Don't let that happen to you!

*You MUST have a Beta-Reader. If you're new to writing, a Beta-Reader is someone who reads your first draft before anyone else sees it. You see your story so much that it's very easy to skip over plot holes the size of a small country. #beenthere

*Make Friends. Marketing and promotions aren't easy. There's a little truth to the old saying it's all in who you know. Connect with people. It's fun. So, go ahead and load up the Facebook and Twitter accounts. I don't know where I'd be without my good friend and author, Ron Shaw. Check him out!

*You don't know it all so keep learning. Publishing made me realize that there is so much out there that I just don't know...yet. I'm learning from other authors and my readers. Do the same! :)

*Keep writing. What's the greatest thing about finishing "Deleted"? Now, I can start writing "Jiffy".

So, if you're a writer, keep writing. If you're a reader, keep reading. Stories are an amazing thing, and it's an amazing feeling to have finally published one!

Like ghosts and magic? Check out Deleted now:

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