The Devil's Got Dirt

Meet Blix. She's just cheated the Devil out of her death, and he wants her back. >>>

So, a new year brings new projects. I'm starting a new book that will make its debut as a serial fiction piece on I've never done a project like this before. I've started serials, but never have I committed to releasing an entire book AS I write it. Well, this is going to be fun. You'll be able to subscribe to my story and read a new update each week.

I just finished up my first book, Deleted. It was fun, but I wanted to write a book with a little more meaning behind it. Have you ever felt lost, less-than, and broken? Maybe you've just wanted to "end it all". Blix isn't any different. She has problems and issues like we all do. The Devil really does have a lot of dirt on us. He knows what makes us tick and what ticks us off. How do you combat that? What do you do when you really want to dig your own grave? Well, let's find out.

I hope you'll follow Blix and her journey with the Devil this year. Stay tuned for the first chapter to release this February!

(You can read more about what the book's about by clicking the picture. Go ahead; I won't tell.)


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