Serial Fiction?

If you're a writer or reader, then you've probably heard of serial fiction. You know? It's those websites where you can go to read a story a chapter at a time as the writer writes them. I've written both ways. In the end? I think Serial Fiction sites are GREAT. Let me give you two major reasons why:

1. Community: Whether you're a writer or reader, you should be on a serial fiction website. A lot of readers are writers, too. This means if you're a writer, you've got a bunch of eyes to put your story in front of who don't mind telling you what they think about it. It gives you honest feedback as you write so that when you publish, things will be polished. If you're a reader, you've got thousands of stories at your finger tips that you can browse at your leisure (most of which are completely free or very inexpensive). Win-win, right?

2. Accountability: Writers, your subscribers are waiting on you to write. You've actually got someone into your story, and you have to actually write it now. Get it? Readers, the writers are depending on you to read. They want to know what YOU think! You can't get that type of interaction with an author from a paperback. Believe me, they're going to actually listen and reply to you. You have an author at your finger tips!

There's benefit to being in a community of avid readers and writers. It's kind of fun, too. Speaking of fun, well, I decided to start a new serial of my own. Ya know, just for fun! With "The Devil's Got Dirt" being slated for publication by the end of the year, my brain has already begun coming up with new story ideas. Here's my latest. You can read this one completely free as I write it (only on Wattpad). Don't miss your chance to read. Once the first draft is finished, it will be pulled down for editing and publication! So, head on over and sign up on Wattpad (free and legit). You may find other cool stories, too.

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