Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...or Forgetful!

January 28, 2018

Happy belated New Year, everyone! I hope you've all been doing better in 2018 than most of us felt in 2017. I'm still here, folks. I've been busy at home with family and teaching. I've actually been teaching kiddos in China English, and I love it! Some of those kids are going to grow up to be writers, themselves. Good writers have ears for words, and a few of my kids do. I will probably never get to know the great things they grow up to do, but like most things in life, you just do it in good faith.


I'd put a lot of my writing on hold toward the holidays. It wasn't for any other reason than my muse was just asleep. I couldn't really pin down any story ideas. I got a little burned out on the Lucky Series at the time, and so I took up gaming and reading. There's a reason they say readers make good writers, though! Reading is great for spurring ideas and fighting writer's block. One day, while taking a bath or doing dishes (I can't remember which), I came up with the rest of "The Fortune-Telling Ghost". So, I'm working on that one right now.


I checked in on Radish, and I have a lot more subscribers! That's awesome, y'all. I'm glad my stories are being enjoyed by someone out there. I may not be J.K. Rolling, but it makes my heart happy to know someone else out there is enjoying the characters I create and enjoy myself. Thanks! I'm debating on whether or not I'll be uploading the sequel to Lucky and my current WIP to Radish this month or not. We'll see. Keep an eye out! I'm still aiming to have "Lucky and the Dead" and "The Fortune-Telling Ghost" done by the end of the year. Still...


Confession time, y'all: I've never really considered myself a full-fledged author. What? Yeah. I just write, ya know? But, I got tax papers to file this year for book royalties. I guess when you start getting 1099's for your books you're an author, right?! I'm trying to be more consistent for the folks out there that are reading. This is new for me, ya know? I've always thought of this as more of a hobby for myself. I've always written just for me, so it's difficult to maintain a schedule of releases. I am working on it, though! If you want to be my accountability partner, feel free to send me a poke any time! I do have a lot on my plate, but writing is important to me. So, I'll try to be more consistent. 


Anyway, seeing as how I've finally figured out the plot to "The Fortune-Telling Ghost", I'll be working on that one for a bit. Feel free to check out the preview now! As always, I keep my work free until it's done.


If you've made it this far, you're a trooper. Take care!




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